James H. Fallon, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus
Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology


James H. Fallon, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine. Emeritus Professor Dept Anatomy & Neurobiology

He holds a Sloan Fellowship, Senior Fulbright Fellowship (Africa) and NIH Research Career Award. He was Chair of the UCI Faculty and Academic Senate and Chair of the UCI College of Medicine and Medical Center Faculty. He sits on numerous corporate boards and national think tanks for science, biotechnology, the arts, and the military. He is a Subject Matter Expert to the Pentagon in the field of cognition and war, Vice Chair of the American Land forces Institute, Vatican Arts and Technology Council. He is presently the Chief Scientific Officer of Cognigenics, a gene editing firm developing brain enhancement technologies.

In addition to authoring over 300 papers and books, he has written two personal books, “Virga Tears: The true story of a soldier’s sojourn back to Vietnam” and “The Psychopath Inside: A neuroscientist’s journey into the dark side of the brain” which was an Amazon best seller, including #1 in the psychopathology field, available in 8 languages.

Most recently in the past 12 years, he has appeared in over 370 national and international TV and radio specials on war, dictatorships, psychopathic behavior, murder, violence, and terrorism and future biotechnology and modification of behavior.


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Research Interests

His research program has focused on four areas, including adult stem cells, chemical neuroanatomy and circuitry, higher brain functions, and brain imaging, including imaging genetics studies of depression, schizophrenia, addiction, language disorders, personality, intelligence, male-female differences in cognition, AI, consciousness and anesthesia, human cortical development, sleep, emotional memory, and modeling of neural circuits, and law, culture, psychopathy, murder, dictatorships, and the brain. Fallon’s lab was the first to find how to mobilize adult stem cells to reverse the deficits in models of chronic stroke and Parkinson’s disease, which was recently heralded as one of the top seven breakthrough findings of the decade.

Fallon and his colleagues are interested in the neural circuitry and genetics of creativity, artistic talent, extraordinary abilities, paleobiology, and levels of consciousness. At present, his lab group with Fabio Macciardi is reconstructing the brains, genomes, art and culture in paleolithic and Neanderthal hominids.