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Professor & Vice-Chair for Research (PM&R)
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation/Neurological Surgery
Anatomy & Neurobiology
Institute for Memory Impairments & Neurological Disorders
Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Center
2026 Gross Hall

Working to understand: How neural stem cells interpret the niche; how transplanted stem cells integrate with the host; how best to use neural stem cells to treat CNS injuries, integration of biomaterials with the CNS.

Scientific Focus: Derivation and characterization of ES, iPS, and adult neural stem cell lines. Interaction between human neural stem cells and the injured CNS. Therapeutic use of human neural stem cells using in vitro models (real-time imaging, organotypic cultures) and in vivo models of disease (spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases).

Additional interests: Federal and state regulation of stem cells and scientific freedom, bioethics and informed consent, the regulation and oversight of clinical trials.