University of California, Irvine
Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology
Summer Gross Anatomy Academy

Summary of program: A summer workshop in Clinical Anatomy for individuals considering
careers in the medical field. Individuals benefiting the most include pre-medical, pre-dental and
pre-allied health students, seeking to gain a better appreciation of the anatomical/functional
relationships of the human body.

Details: The workshop will run from June 18th -July 27th, 2018 and includes both classroom
and laboratory sessions led by Dr. Jamie Wikenheiser, Director of Medical Gross Anatomy and
Surgery at UC Irvine. This six-week workshop will meet 4 hours per day (9am-1pm), 5 days per
week (except holidays) on the UCI campus. It will involve a one-hour clinical anatomy lecture
followed by a three-hour laboratory that includes the complete dissection of a human cadaver.
Students will also be exposed to imaging techniques including CT scans, MRI, and X-ray

The course will use human donors from the UCI Willed Body program and all individuals will
participate with the utmost respect shown at all times to these individual donors. The
embalming fluid used DOES NOT include formaldehyde making it a much safer approach to
working with cadaveric tissue since formaldehyde is a known carcinogen.

This is a certificate program and no college credit will be offered to participants. In addition,
individuals who complete the workshop will receive a letter of recommendation from the
academy director Dr. Wikenheiser.

Eligible Participants: Participants must be 18 years of age or older; a registered
undergraduate or graduate student from an academic institution; or a non-enrolled student
interested in applying to a professional program. A student set to graduate may also apply. Prior
anatomy course experience is not a requirement. The workshop is limited to 48 participants.

Registration and costs: Registration begins February 2nd and interested individuals should
contact for an access code to register. Use the access code to register at:

The fee to participate in this six-week workshop will be $2,800 plus a third-party service fee of
approximately $100.00. This fee includes a copy of a dissector, the Atlas of Anatomy, 3rd edition
by Gilroy and MacPherson, an Anatomy Academy T-shirt, and all the tools and gloves needed for
dissections. Students are required to purchase their own scrubs (any color) and must have them
on during all laboratory sessions.

Deadlines: The deadline to register and to cancel with a full refund (less service fee) is April
27th. Due to the advanced procurement of tissue no refunds will be provided after April 27th.