Contact Person: Lulu Chen



Friday, October 23rd at 4 PM


Xiaoxiao Lin

PhD Candidate – Xu Lab

“Non-Canonical Projections from CA1 and Subicular Complex to CA3 Augments the Feedforward Hippocampal Trisynaptic Pathway”



Momoko Watanabe, PhD

Assistant Professor

Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center

“Human Brain Organoids as a Model System for Neural Development and Disease”



Friday, September 18th at 4 PM


Steven Grieco, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar,

Xu Lab

Reopening critical period-like plasticity for fear erasure in adult mice with ketamine.


Javier Diaz Alonso, PhD,  Assistant Professor, A&N

Exploring the mechanisms of AMPA receptor transsynaptic clustering