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Scientist: Justin Schaefer, Ph.D

Dr. Justin Schaefer

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Co-Director, Medical Gross Anatomy

Anatomy & Neurobiology
Director of Nursing

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Research Focus

Working to understand: My work focuses on the the effect of varying morphology on the physics of motion in sharks. I also work on the biomechanics and anatomy of martial arts.


Long, J.H., Jr., Koob, T., Schaefer, J., Summers, A., Bantilan, K., Grotmol, S. and M.E. Porter
(2011) Inspired by sharks:  a biomimetic skeleton for the flapping, propulsive tail of an aquatic robot. Marine Technology Society Journal,   45(4), 119-129.

M. N. Dean, J. B. Ramsay and J. T. Schaefer.
(2008) Tooth reorientatin affects tooth function during prey processing and tooth ontogeny in the lesser electric ray (Narcine brasiliensis, Ölfers, 1831). Zoology

M. Cannas, J. Schaefer, P. Domenici, J. F. Steffensen.
(2006) Gait transition and oxygen consumption in swimming striped surfperch (Embiotoca lateralis Agassiz). Journal of Fish Biology. 69: 1612-1625.

Schaefer, J. T., and A. P. Summers. (2005) Batoid wing skeletal structure: novel morphologies, mechanical implications, and phylogenetic patterns. Journal of Morphology. 264: 298-313.

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306C Med Surge II
Dep't Anatomy & Neurobiology,
School of Medicine,
University of California,
Irvine, CA 92697-1275

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