Graduate Education: Timeline & Checklist to Graduate

Getting In: what do I need to do pursue a PhD in Anatomy & Neurobiology?

  • hold a Baccalaureate Degree
  • have your GRE Scores
  • have some research experience
  • have exceptional drive and curiosity
  • be willing to work alongside of some of the best neuroscientists in the world
  • apply online to Interdeparmental Neuroscience Program (INP)

Year One (1) : checklist

Year Two (2) : checklist

  • develop a research focus at the beginning of year 2
  • choose an Advisement Committee for annual Advisement Committee meeting and 2nd year exam
  • participate in bi-monthly Journal Club [Journal Club]
  • attend departmental seminars
  • attend monthly "Progress in Neuroscience" (PIN) seminars
  • complete 2nd year exam before the end of spring quarter
  • present at yearly Grad Day Meeting

Year Three (3): checklist

  • continue with Year-2 requirements
  • collaborate with your advisor to choose a Candidacy Committee
  • complete Advancement to Candidacy Requirement (a disssertation proposal includes a written & oral
  • select members for Dissertation Committee

Year Four (4) and beyond: getting done

  • continue with Year-2 requirements
  • meet at least once with Dissertation Committee
  • write dissertation
  • pre-dissertation approval
  • dissertation defense
  • submit dissertation to library.
  • celebrate!!!