Graduate Education: Grad Day - 2015

June 5, 2015 (Hyatt Regency Hotel, Newport Beach)

Presenter: Erin Gutilla - Steward Lab
Talk: "Characterization of adult neuronal growth induced by PTEN deletion"

Presenter: Carley Karsten - Gall Lab
Talk: "A systems hypothesis for the efficacy of spaced training"

Presenter: Anh Bui - Soltesz Lab
Talk: "Optogenetic dissection of the role of mossy cells in temporal lobe epilepsy"

Presenter: Sung Ji - Weiss Lab
Talk: "Mitochondrial Zn2+ accumulation in neuronal injury"

Presenter: Diane Su, Anderson Lab
Talk: "C6 deficiency in rats improve locomotor outcome after spinal cord injury"

Presenter: Conor Cox - Lynch Lab
Talk: "Sequencing of behavior: effects of drugs, aging, and enrichment"

Presenter: Dan Haus - Cummings Lab
Talk: "The effect of human neural stem cell transplantation on cognitive recovery following traumatic brain injury"


Kelsey Martin, M.D., Ph.D. - Professor, UCLA
Talk: "Regulating gene expression in neurons during synaptic plasticity"


Presenter: Francisca Benavente - Anderson Lab
POSTER: "Autocrine C3a-C3aR signaling is important for neuronal stem cell maintenance”

Presenter: Sarah Cross - Leslie  Lab
POSTER: "Effects of nicotine or fluoxetine on 5-HT1A receptor activity in adolescent rats"

Presenter: Megan Curran - Baram Lab
POSTER: "Chronic CRH stunta cortical neuron dendritic arborization: a basis for reduced cortical thickness in children exposed to high CRH in utero"

Presenter: Inex Falcon - Solodkin  Lab
POSTER: "The virtual brain: new modeling of stroke recovery and its relationship with global efficiency"

Presenter: Eric Gold - Cummings   Lab
POSTER: "Long-term white matter pathology and cognitive deficits following a novel model of repetitive mild traumatic brain injury"

Presenter: Morgan Ingemanson - Reinkensmeyer Lab
POSTER: "Brain activity in sensorimotor areas predicts treatment gains from robotic finger rehabilitation"

Presenter: James Lim - Piomelli Lab
POSTER: "Endocannabinoid modulation of predator stress-induced long term anxiety"

Presenter: Kate Patterson - Baram Lab
POSTER: "Transient inflammation after experimental febrile status epilepticus: implications for epileptogeneisis"

Presenter: Carol Pham - Zeng Lab
POSTER: "Central auditory processing of temporal and spectral-variance cuses in cochlear implant listeners"

Presenter: Yanjun Sun - Xu Lab
POSTER: "Non-canonical back-projection from the subiculum to hippocampal CA1"

Presenter: Andrew Yale - Flanagan Lab
POSTER: "Cell surface glycosylation directs neural stem cell fate"