Graduate Education: Grad Day - 2014

June 20, 2014 (Hyatt Regency Hotel, Newport Beach)

Presenter: Erin Burke Quinlan - Cramer Lab
Talk: "Network connectivity is a key determinant of motor gains after stroke"

Presenter: Jennifer Wu - Cramer Lab
Talk: "EEG connectivity provides insight into motor network plasticity after stroke"

Presenter: Inez Falcon - Solodkin Lab
Talk: "Finger Individuation at the Motor Learning Level"

Presenter: Carol Pham - Zeng Lab
Talk: "Effects of Nicotine in Humans on Frequency Tuning"

Presenter: Yanjun Sun, Xu Lab
Talk: "Topographical and functional innervation of non-canonical back-projection from the subiculum to hippocampal CA1"

Presenter: Francisca Benavente - Anderson Lab
Talk: "Effect of complement protein c1q and c3a on neural stem cells; investigating novel receptors and signaling pathway activation"

Presenter: Eric Gold - Cummings Lab
Talk: "Long-term white matter pathology and cognitive deficits following a novel model of repetitive mild traumatic brain injury"

Presenter: Kate Patterson - Baram Lab
Talk: "Developmental structural plasticity of dentate gyrus granule cells following seizures"

Presenter: James Lim - Piomelli Lab
Talk: "Endocannabinoid Modulation of Predator Stress-Induced Long Term Anxiety"


Christopher Schaumburg, Ph.D. - Research Investigator , Allergan Inc
Talk: "Research Careers in Pharma"

Peyman Golshani, MD, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Brain Research Institute, UCLA
Talk: "Brain-state dependent cortical network dynamics in health and neurodevelopmental disease"


Presenter: Carley Karsten - Gall Lab
POSTER: "Differences in network activation patterns may underlie learning enhancement with spaced training”

Presenter: Jeffery Rice - Lynch Lab
POSTER: "Marked developmental changes in actin dynamics accompany the termination of growth and precede the emergence of adult forms of plasticity in the hippocampus"

Presenter: Don Wei - Piomelli Lab
POSTER: "Endocannabinoid regulation of sociability"

Presenter: Anh Bui - Soltesz Lab
POSTER: "Optogenetic control of mossy cells in temporal lobe epilepsy"

Presenter: Sung Ji - Weiss Lab
POSTER: "Mechanisms of rapid reactive oxygen species generation in response to cytosolic ca2+ or zn2+ loads in cortical neurons"

Presenter: Conor Cox - Lynch Lab
POSTER: "The effect of processing differences between stages of a cortico-hippocampal network"

Presenter: Diane Su - Anderson Lab
POSTER: "Lack of C3 improves recovery after traumatic brain injury"

Presenter: Dan Haus - Cummings Lab
POSTER: "Transplanted xeno-free human neural stem cells engraft and migrate in a rodent model of traumatic brain injury"

Presenter: Calvin Schneider - Soltesz Lab
POSTER: "Context-driven generation of virtual dendritic morphologies enables complete population-
level construction and analysis"

Presenter: Rafer Willenberg - Steward Lab
POSTER: "Non-specific and faint labeling limits the utility of CST-YFP mice for studies of corticospinal tract regeneration"

Presenter: Marianne Bezaire - Soltesz Lab
POSTER: "Mechanisms of interneuronal control of spontaneous oscillations in a full-scale parallel computer model of the CA1 network"