Graduate Education: Grad Day - 2013

Grad Day Presenters

June 10, 2013 (Herklotz Conference Center)

Presenter: Diane Su - Anderson Lab
Talk: "The effect of controlled cortical impact-induced traumatic brain injury on Morris water maze"

Presenter: Shuo Liu - Fisher Lab
Talk: "In vitro and in vivo models of cerebral microbleeds"

Presenter: Rafer Willenberg - Steward Lab
Talk: "Limited utility of CST-YFP mice for studying CST regeneration: Non-specific labeling and impeded visual axon tracing"

Presenter: Daniel Haus - Cummings Lab
Talk: "Transplantation of xeno-free, sorted human embryonic-derived neural stem cells into the intact and traumatically injured rodent brain"

Presenter: Conor Cox, Lynch Lab
Talk: "Memory maps of the hippocampus"

Presenter: Calvin Schneider - Soltesz Lab
Talk: "A three-dimendional model of the rat dentate gyrus"

Presenter: Marianne Bezaire - Soltesz Lab
Talk: "Interneuron type-specific contributions to CA1 network activity in a data-driven computer model"

Presenter: Yulin Shi - Xu Lab
Talk: "Bi-directional global spontaneous network activity precedes the canonical unidirectional circuit organization in the developing hippocampus"

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Joshua Trachtenberg, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Talk: "How is memory distributed and represented in sensory and frontal cortices?"

Grad Day Presenters


Presenter: Adrienne Andres - Baram Lab
POSTER: "NMDA receptor activation and calpain contribute to disruption of dendritic spines by the stress neuropeptide CRH"

Presenter: Francisca Benavente - Anderson Lab
POSTER: "The missing link: Mechanisms of action for the effect of complement proteins on human neural stem cells"

Presenter: Anh Bui - Soltesz Lab
POSTER: "Optogenetic control of mossy cells in temporal lobe epilepsy"

Presenter: Inez Falcon - Solodkin Lab
POSTER: "Elucidating plasticity of cerebellar white matter pathways in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 6"

Presenter: Eric Gold - Cummings Lab
POSTER: "Screening candidate neural stem cell lines for therapeutic intervention in traumatic brain injury"

Presenter: James Lim - Piomelli Lab
POSTER: "The role of 2-arachidonoylglycerol in predatory stress-induced anxiety"

Presenter: Virginia Liu - Cramer Lab
POSTER: "Cortical network dynamics in acute ischemic stroke"

Presenter: Katelin Patterson - Baram Lab
POSTER: "HMGB1 translocation following febrile status epilepticus"

Presenter: Carol Pham - Zeng Lab
POSTER: "Understanding the effects of central and peripheral masking in cochlear implanta users"

Presenter: Ryan Schutte - Smith Lab
POSTER: "A drosophila knock-in model of Dravet Syndrome"

Presenter: Yanjun Sun - Xu Lab
POSTER: "Cell-type specific circuit connectivity of hippocampal CA1 revealed through Cre-dependent rabies tracing"

Presenter: Don Wei - Piomelli Lab
POSTER: "Endocannabinoid upregulation on demand promotes sociability in BTBR"

Presenter: Jennifer Wu - Cramer Lab
POSTER: "Cortical connectivity predicts short-term motor skill acquisition"