Graduate Education: Grad Day 2012

Grad Day Speakers

June 11, 2012 (Herklotz Conference Center)

Presenter: Marianne Case - Soltesz Lab
Talk: "Network mechanisms contributing to CA1 pyramidal cell subthreshold membrane potential oscillation"

Presenter: Calvin Schneider - Soltesz Lab
Talk:"Toward a full-scale computational model of the rat dentate gyrus"

Presenter: Jessica Cope - Baram Lab
Talk: "How early life experience programs the brain:Focus on CRH gene regulation"

Presenter: Adrienne Andres - Baram Lab
Talk: "Corticotropin-releasing hormone mediated dendritic spine loss in hippocampus equires activation of ionotropic glutamate receptors"

Presenter: Nick Olivas - Xu Lab
Talk: "Laminar circuit organization and inhibitory neuronal control of primary visual cortex"

Presenter: Marianne Case and Ivan Solesz, Ph.D.
Talk: "Steps to Writing a Successful Grant"

Presenter: Daniel Haus - Cummings Lab
Talk: "Xeno-free, enriched and sorted human embryonic-derived neural stem cells for the treatment of central nervous system injury and diisease"

Presenter: Rafer Willenberg - Steward Lab
Talk: "Limited utility of CST-YFP mice for studies of corticospinal tract regeneration"

Presenter: Kristin Pearson-Fuhrop - Cramer Lab
Talk: "Dopamine effects on learning and plasticity, and the influence of genetic factors"

Presenter: Shuo Liu - Fisher Lab
Talk: "A new model of cerebral microbleeds"

Presenter: Rosie Santos - Calof Lab
Talk: "Conditioinal/invertible genetic strategyto understand the role of Nipbl deficiency in the etiology of congenital heart defects in CdLS"

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Samuel L. Pfaff, Ph.D. - The Salk Institute
Talk: "Development of spinal cord connections that control movement"

Grad Day Presenters


Presenter: Erin Burke - Cramer Lab
POSTER: "Predictors of motor gains with robotic therapy after stroke"

Presenter: Melda Buyukozutrk - Steward Lab
POSTER: "Long-term deletion of PYEN in the sensorimotor cortex causes neuronal hypertrophy but does not lead to tumors or other neuropathy"

Presenter: Julie Harness - Keirstead Lab
POSTER: "Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into medium spiny neurons of the striatum"

Presenter: Sheri Peterson - Anderson Lab
POSTER: "Complement proteins C1q and C3 affect spinal cord axon regeneration following spinal cord injury with peripheral conditioning lesion"

Presenter: Ryan Schutte - Smith Lab
POSTER: "A genetically accurate drosophila model of Dravet Syndrome"

Presenter: Yulin Shi - Xu Lab
POSTER: "Bidirectional spontaneous global network activationi immediately precedes the canonical unidirectional circuit organization in the developing hippocampus"

Presenter: Diane Su - Anderson Lab
POSTER: "The effect of controlled cortical impact-induced traumatic brain injury on novel object recognition and conditioned taste aversion"