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Scientists: Mark J. Fisher, M.D.

Dr. Mark Fisher


Anatomy & Neurobiology

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Research Focus

Working to understand: stroke and cerebrovascular disorders.

Scientific Focus: mechanisms of stroke, vascular neurobiology, blood-brain barrier, brain regulation of hemostasis and thrombosis


Selected Publications

Liu S, Yu C, Yang F, Paganini-Hill A, Fisher MJ:
Phosphodiesterase inhibitor modulation of brain microvascular endothelial cell barrier properties. J Neurol Sci 320:45-51, 2012.

Liu S, Agalliu D, Yu C, Fisher M:
The role of pericytes in blood-brain barrier function and stroke. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 2012 May 11 (ePub ahead of print).

Fisher M, Vasilevko V, Cribbs DH:
Mixed cerebrovascular disease and the future of stroke prevention. Translational Stroke Research, 3(Suppl 1):39-51, 2012 (ePub May 4, 2012).

Fisher M:
Geometry is destiny for carotid artery plaques. Nature Reviews Neurology, 8:127-9, 2012 (ePub Jan 24, 2012).

Yang F, Liu S, Yu C, Wang S-J, Paganini-Hill A, Fisher MJ:
PDE4 regulates tissue plasminogen activator expression of human brain microvascular endothelial cells. Thrombosis Research, 129:750-753, 2012 Jan 12 (ePub Jan 12, 2012).

Fisher M:
Thrombomodulin and the brain: Past, present, and future. Neurology, 78:157-8, 2012 (ePub Dec 14, 2011).

Fisher M:
Cerebral microbleeds and white matter disease: Separated at birth? European Journal of Neurology, 19:2-3, 2012 (ePub Jul 18, 2011).

Yang F, Liu S, Wang S-J, Yu C, Paganini-Hill A, Fisher MJ:
Tissue plasminogen activator expression and barrier properties of human brain microvascular endothelial cells. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, 28:631-638, 2011 (ePub Dec 15, 2011).

Fisher M, Vasilevko V, Passos GF, Ventura C, Quiring D, Cribbs DH:
Therapeutic modulation of cerebral microhemorrhage in a mouse model of cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Stroke, 42:3300-3303, 2011 (ePub Sep 8, 2011).

Ladadzhyan A, Csiba L, Narula N, Zhou J, Narula J, Fisher M:
Histopathologic evaluation of basilar artery atherosclerosis. J Neurol Sci, 307:97-99, 2011.

Liu S, Marder V, Levy D, Wang S-J, Yang F, Paganini-Hill A, Fisher M:
Ancrod and fibrin formation: Perspectives on mechanisms of action. Stroke, 42:3277-3280, 2011 (ePub Aug 25, 2011).

Fisher M, French S, Ji P, Kim RC:
Cerebral microbleeds in the elderly: A pathological analysis. Stroke, 41:2782-2785, 2010.

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UC Irvine Medical Center,
Building 55, Room 121,
101 The City Drive South,
Orange, CA 92868-3298

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