About Us: Departmental Mission

The mission of the Department of Antatomy and Neurobiology is to advance the state of knowledge of the structure and function of the nervous system through innovative and high quality scientific research and to share that knowledge through educational programs at the medical, graduate, and postgraduate levels. The research and educational missions are closely intertwined.

Modern neuroscientific research is based on a thorough understanding of the current literature, powerful experimental designs, use of the latest and most sensitive technical tools and procedures, quantitative data analysis, and interpretation of experimental results within the broad context of contemporary neuroscience and medicine.

Faculty in the Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology employ these scientific principles in addressing fundamental issues of structure and function of the nervous system, particularly its development and response to injury. Emphasis is placed on cellular, molecular, and systems based approaches to this study.

Our understanding of anatomy and neuroscience must be shared with the scientific community and with larger society. Our educational mission is not only to present the current states of knowledge to students in our medical, graduate, and post-graduate programs, but also to impart skills in critical thinking and problem solving, so that our students go on to become life-long self learners. Emphasis is placed on hands-on laboratory experimental activities, with students actively involved in all aspects of the research.

The study of Anatomy & Neurobiology is an exciting, fundamentally important, and fast paced field. Our increased understanding of nervous system function, and the bases of neurological disease, begins with our laboratory experimental studies today.